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About Green Pastures

Community Supported Agriculture

Kyle and Pamela McCauley began their journey of learning about food quality due to several health events they had both experienced. Depression, Anxiety, Hormonal Issues, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Lyme Disease, and an overall feeling of getting old WAY TOO SOON! 

In the process of learning more about their own health, Kyle and Pamela began to realize just how important the food choices they were making were to their health and well-being. But the further down the rabbit hole they went, the more they realized that modern concepts of "health eating" just weren't good enough.

These discoveries, and a desire to provide their own family with healthy, locally sourced food options ultimately led them to begin farming.  Their love of healthy, nutritious, regenerative to the soil, food production grew from there, and the realized just how important that could be to others!

From this, Green Pastures CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) was born.

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