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Baby Chicks

SKU: 8812453321

These are our farm hatched Egg Layers. We don't know what breed they will be before they're hatched. But our Rooster is a Leghorn, and the Hens are a mix of Rhode Island Red, BarredRock, Australorp and Buff Orpington.


We do not sex our chicks. So... 50/50 on the male/female ratio is to be expected.


Chicks have relatively high mortality. So its important to make sure that you expect some loss, although you can always get lucky and have none!


These chicks are from chickens that are all great foragers, and have been raised in a pasture access environment. They also are our compost tillers, so they get a highly varied diet with great nutrition. If you treat them the same, you'll have delicious chicken to eat, or great layers with beautiful yolks and packed with healthy vitimins.

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